When you say gun, what do I remember? put aside Many people just introduce themselves, for example, in the police and or maybe soldiers, and so on and also some bad things. When I hear the word gun or shooting, I immediately imagine my uncle and my grandfather, because those two were hunters, and they should have been, too. Well really a lot of long guns and also one short gun. If you don`t know what a long gun or a short gun is, I`ll explain it to you simply a short gun me in a Magnum, for example, and or a long gun in turn a rifle, for example. And if you would like to learn more about Blaník and the like, you will also find one company in Prague, a company that is currently engaged in teaching you how to shoot.

There`s a really large amount of weapons.

In my opinion, you don`t make a mistake by maybe contacting the company and asking for different information and or other details that you have to meet so that you might also be able to fire a weapon. This was always my dream, only I was scared, but when I came to the shooting range in Prague afterwards, I was really surprised. All the stress and fear had gone out of me.

You don`t have to worry about the gun.

It was a very pleasant and beautiful environment. You can try the cheap shooting range in Prague. It is the best! I`ve told myself that if I had more courage, too, that I would have been there before, that I would have shot a long time ago, and you know how it turned out, I`ll tell you that I really enjoyed it a lot. I thought I wasn`t going to enjoy shooting a gun, or that I was going to be afraid, or that I was going to screw up, that it was going to be broken, and then I was going to be a fool, or someone who didn`t know how to do anything. But the opposite was true, everything can shoot you. I learned quickly from the gun, and I learned quickly how to hold the gun in my hand. Someone is still doing it wrong.